Ballfit 12 Program


Are you ready to take your dogs health and performance to the next level? To achieve entrance to elite level its not good enough to just condition your dog with adhoc training here and there. Your dog needs a structured and periodized program that can help him reach new heights! The Ballfit 12 Program © will help you do exactly that.

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Who is this for?

The Ballfit 12 Program © is specifically designed for dog men and women who want to take their dog’s health, function and performance to the next level with specialist advice and support. Ideal for military and service dogs, dogs who participate in working trials and athletic competitions or a dog that simply just needs to improve their fitness.

You will get:

✔A 12 week canine conditioning exercise regime for endurance and lean mass

✔A nutrition plan for endurance.

How does it work?:

After you have purchased your dogs program. You will automatically receive an email to download your program.


This is a digital product and not a hardcopy.


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