Standard Weighted Dog Collar (USA Only)


Our Standard Weighted Dog Collar is specifically designed to be used when:

  • Spring pole Conditioning
  • Outdoor Walking or Running
  • Treadmill conditioning


A weighted dog collar add’s resistance to your dog’s movement to improve strength and muscular endurance.


Select the weight you would like below:

Weight Recommendations:

4lb: For dogs such as English Bull Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier (ABDA type), Staffordshire bull terrier e.t.c

3lb: For dogs such as Border Collie, Beagle, Glen of Immal, Wheaten Terrier and Kerry Blue Terrier.

2lb: For dogs such as Jack Russel terriers and french bulldogs



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Our weighted collar is made in the USA from 100% premium nylon and weighted with steel shot. The reason behind this kind of weight is simple. Steel shot will not absorb odors or moisture, it packs firmly and uniform inside the collar. These heavy duty weighted collars have a 2″ wide Velcro sided strap to close the collar, to ensure a snug fit. These weighted  collars are made to adjust to fit all dog sizes. Although if you have an extra large dog (over 100 lbs.), let us know the neck size of the dog, to ensure a proper fit.

THESE WEIGHTED COLLARS ARE STRONG DOG TESTED & APPROVED!!!! They come in 3 weights: 2 lbs., 3 lbs., or 4 lbs. The color is Black.


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