This weeks FITDOG of the week is Samson  the Rottie!

How long have you been into the dogs?

‘I’ve been into dogs since I was a little kid, I saw my first rottweiler when I was 7.

What’s an average day of exercise for Samson?

”Normal days: 10 minutes of fetch, 30 minutes of hill runs, and, 45 minute nature walk where he free roams.

Bitework days: we do our lesson plus 30 minutes of the electric Dog Pacer treadmill at the highest incline and 4 mph, then a cool-down walk around the neighborhood for 20 minutes.

He exercises for a total of 5 minutes per month old per day since he’s not even two years old yet. He’s 17 months old right now, so about 85 minutes total activity per day. We also do recreational lure coursing at my local coursing club.’

What do you feed Samson?

”He is fed dry & canned food.”

What events does Samson take part in and does he have any titles?

‘Samson works as my Personal Protection Dog(PPD). He does not have any titles..

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