We are proud to say that our Slatmill is officially the most affordable and high quality Slatmill in the world. We are excited to share with your some of the main features and benefits of our Slatmill which will help you create the ultimate canine athlete. 





















Brakes Benefits

  • Safety: Our braking system allows you another extra layer of safety when getting your dog on and off your Slatmill
  • Convenience: Brakes allow you to stop and start your dogs running workout and more accurately calculate your dogs speed / distance.



Speed computer Benefits

The speed computer helps you track your dogs progress in their workouts. It does this by giving you three vital metrics of all your dogs running sessions: Time, Distance and Speed. This is key data that needs to be monitored to progress your dogs health and performance.


ADJUSTABLE resistance slope

Adjustable resistance Slope Benefits

The adjustable resistance slope allows you to increase your dogs lean muscle mass by increasing the resistance of your dogs workout. The resistance is created by raising the slope [see picture]


Plastic slats

Plastic Slats Benefits

All our Slatmills come with Beechwood Slats [see picture left]. However, you can now add plastic slats if you wish. The plastic slats [see picture right] are made of a Unique PVC Material which has a higher resistance to humidity and moisture than beechwood. It also make less noise which can make a big difference if you live in shared accommodation or an apartment block. 

Ordering details: To add the Plastic Slats just email us and we will send you an online link to make the payment via email. Price is $300


What questions can we help you with ? Send us an email at support@fitdognation.com [we typically reply within 24 hours]

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