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One of the most common questions we received on a daily basis is ‘How can I make my dog more muscular?” So in today’s blog post we are going to share with you our Top 3 Tips for Building a Leaner, Muscular Dog

But before we go into it, why build a leaner dog? There are multiple reasons:

1 – longer life:

Currently the leading cause of dog illness and death in the UK & USA is obesity with over half of the respective dog population diagnosed clinically obese!

2 – happier LIFE:

Yes you read correctly, a leaner dog can do more than an over weight pooch who lays at home all day. Dogs are supposed to be active. A fit and active dog is a happy dog!

3 – Less injuries:

One of the most common muscular injuries in dogs are knee ligament tears and being over weight is one of the leading risk factors! The less excess fat your dog has on their body the easier it is for them to move around without tearing something!

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In order to build, maintain and replenish muscle its important to feed high biologically available nutrient dense food to your dog. You want to feed your dog stuff thats actually going to be digested and offer your dog high quality energy. High quality energy is provided by the three main macronutrients that are essential for your dog which are Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates. We recommend feeding a ratio of 40% FAT (Yes fat is actually your dogs main energy source) followed by 25% Protein and 35% Carbohydrates.




The truth is that some breeds are just predisposed to lean muscles even when on a poor diet. This is down to genetics. For example the majority of bull breeds like pit bulls naturally have a high amount of Type II muscle fibres because of the strength and power based activities from their past (Fighting and baiting). Where as dogs like herders and hounds are mainly made up of Type I muscle fibres which supports low intensity long duration activities.

In order to stimulate your dogs type II muscle fibres you must focus on high intensity activities. Here is a list of High Intensity Activities you can do with your dog:



It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that anything you enjoy you will persevere at. That goes for you and your dog. Have fun exercising your dog, don’t make it a chore, that way you will do it more and your dog will also want to join in too!

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If you have any questions or want  more personalised  support for your dog just let us know at support@fitdognation.com

Keep Them FIT!



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