What’s important to you when it comes to your ideal dog treadmill?



We have found that there are four key factors that influence the ideal treadmill selection and thats Budget, Space, Versatility and Noise.


In this article we will breakdown these four factors and the features and benefits of both the Slatmill and Carpetmill



When it comes to limited space the carpetmill wins hands down over the Slatmill. Our new design allows it to be folded and assembled within 90 seconds. That means you can store is away and literally pull it out when needed making sure it doesn’t take up your valuable home space.

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Investing in a new dog treadmill is a big step. It’s true that both our Carpetmills and Slatmills are the most low cost dog treadmills in the world for their quality, however you are still looking at a starting investment of at least $900 for a Large Carpetmill and $1300 for a Large Carpetmill (Medium sizes cost less)

A $900 investment is not something to take lightly that’s why unlike other dog treadmill producers, all our Dog Treadmills come with a guaranteed 18 month Warranty.

If you spread that $900 investment over the course of 18 months thats a $1.60 investment per day for the ability to condition your dog to a world class level and save your valuable time and energy. Is your dog worth $1.60 a day?

Either way, the Carpetmill again wins the budget factor because it costs $400 less then Slatmill.



One of the most common questions we get from our community is regarding the noise of our dog treadmills. If you have seen any manual dog treadmills in person you will know its for good reason too! LOL.

Manual dog treadmills are absolutely horrible when it comes to noise and although they are way safer and economical than electric treadmills, it can be an issue for folks especially if they live in an apartment building or town house with neighbours close by.

The reason for the noise is that the more free spinning a dog treadmill is, the more louder is gets. That being said we have worked very hard recently to reduce the noise of our dog treadmills with our unique spinning design and we are proud to say that our Slatmill is currently producing around 75-80 dB and our Carpetmill is a lot quieter at below 60dB.

Due to this, the Carpetmill again wins the Noise factor round.

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So far we have found that the Carpetmill is a clear winner when it comes to Budget, Space and Noise but how does it compete against the Slatmill when it comes to versatility.

Versatility can be defined as the ability to adapt and serve different actions. 

One of the key benefits of our Carpetmill is its High Resistance Belt which offers resistance to your dog during workouts building their Power, Speed and Strength.

The Slatmill on the other hand is naturally designed to be FREE spinning meaning it specifically works your dogs stamina and endurance. 

The challenge with this is that not all dogs can run the Carpetmill. In fact the Carpetmill is not suitable for dogs below 30lbs as its simply too hard for them to move the running belt.

Here’s where the Slatmill shines. Not only can any dog run on our Slatmill, but unlike other Slatmills on the market, our Slatmill comes with a unique resistance dial that allows you to increase the resistance of the workout so you can not only work your dogs stamina and endurance but also work Power, Speed and Strength should you choose to.

Also unlike our Carpetmill, our Slatmill comes with brakes so you can help your dog to a safe stop  and speedometer so you can track your dogs  speed.


So, our Slatmill definitely takes the win on the Versatility factor.

So who’s the winner the Slatmill or the Carpetmill? We will let you decide as everyones needs are different. We will just keep on providing you with the oppportunity to condition your dogs to a world class level for just $1.60 a day whilst saving you time and energy 🙂

Keep them fit!


PS. Ready to make gains in 2020? Order your Slatmill or Carpetmill today!

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