This weeks FITDOG of the week reminds us that its not just the bull breeds and terriers who can look and perform good. We are pleased to announce that Jesse Cortez’ German Shepherd ‘Quddus’ is this weeks FITDOG of the week.   Heres an interview we did with Jesse.

How long have you been into the dogs?

”I’ve  been into working dogs 3 years”

What’s an average day of exercise for Quddus?

”Swimming / flirtpole / springpole”.

What do you feed Quddus?

”Quddus eats Victor pet food

What events does Quddus take part in and does he have any titles?

‘Quddus has the following titles BH, AD and we’re going for IPO1 in September’


Do you want your dog featured as FITDOG of the week? Contact us on our Instagram or Facebook page and we would love to give your FITDOG a feature! 


Keep them FIT,


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