This weeks FITDOG of the week reminds us that its not just the bull breeds and terriers who can look and perform good. We are pleased to announce that Malinois Nyx  is this weeks FITDOG of the week.   Heres an interview we did with her owner.


How long have you been into the dogs?

”I’ve been into dogs ever since I was a child. Growing up, I always had dogs around and since I was an only child, I was always playing with them and teaching them little tricks and whatnot.  As far as the more serious side of things, Nyx is actually the one that got me into the dog world and competing in sports. ”

What’s an average day of exercise for Nyx?

Her average exercise right now consists of mostly cardio. Just go out and let them run like crazy in a field. We also alternate between things like parachute training, xvest, fitpaws, some small weight pull throughout the week”.

What do you feed Nyx?

”Nyx has been raw fed for, I think, about 3 or so years now.”

What events does Nyx take part in and does she have any titles?

‘We started competing with dock diving then went to IGP and fast cat, but we dabble in other sports like agility and weight pull just for fun.
Nyx’s titles consist of BH DEX6 AEX2 AM DM BCAT CGCA CGCU.
I believe that’s all of them right now but hoping to add more this year!’

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