The dog treadmill is the ultimate conditioning tool because it saves time when it comes to exercising your dog and it boosts your dog’s health and fitness. But which one is better the slatmill or the carpetmill?

The honest answer is they are very different! They are both mechanical treadmills which means the dog has full control over the workout and can stop at any time, unlike electric treadmills which is why we prefer slatmills and carpetmills.

There are 3 key differences between the carpetmill and slatmill and they are 1) Fitness adaptation 2) Investment 3) Space.

1.Fitness adaptation

As you have probably seen, both treadmills look very different with the slatmill designed with rollers and slats which make it very free spinning and easy for the dog to move and the carpetmill using a ‘carpet’ for the running surface which means there is more resistance and the dog has to work harder to turn the treadmill. Because of this, the slatmill is best suited for dogs that need to improve their aerobic endurance fitness like hunting, tracking and long races. Where as the carpetmill is perfect for dogs who need more strength, power and lean muscle like protection dogs, weight pull dogs, catch dogs and canine athletic competition dogs.

That being said, we recently innovated our slatmill with a slope which comes with adjustable front legs and is available or an extra $40 to add more resistance to your slatmill. Although it does not produce exactly the same resistance as the carpetmill, it does give your dog more strength and power than any other standard slatmill on the market so your dog gets ‘The best of both worlds’ in conditioning = endurance and power!

2. Investment

Due to the difference in design there is a variance in investment. Our slatmills start at around $1499 plus shipping and our carpetmill at $850 plus shipping. 

3. Space

Another major factor to take into account when choosing between a slatmill and carpetmill is space. For example the outer measurement of our Large Slatmill is 185x50cm and our Large Carpetmill is 170x60cm. Our slatmills are delivered part assembled with an instruction manual to help you to full assembly and our carpetmills are foldable and easily assembled in 1minute and 40 seconds.

Which one suits your needs? Click the link below & Grab yours now and to take your dogs health and fitness to the next level!

>>Dog Treadmills


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