Whilst all dogs can be fit and healthy, there are certain breeds that are more naturally predisposed to high levels of physical activity. In todays blog post we are going to review the 4 top fitdog breeds. Before we get into lets take a look at the three key factors that make a ‘fitdog’:


Drive refers to a dogs natural desire to be active. Some breeds naturally have a ton of energy and cannot sit still while other breeds need to be coaxed into activities. We could write an entire article on drive alone but for simplicity we will be using prey drive as a gauge of ‘drive’

Physical ability

No doubt you’ve met those dogs that no matter what they are fed or what they do, they are always in great shape. They are lean and have low body fat percentage. Where as other breeds need to be constantly monitored for their weight and condition. Some breeds are even born with severe health conditions that prevent them from even performing basic tasks like breathing and giving birth.



A big part of being a fit dog is adaptability. An example is a dog that can perform various different activities  from weight-pulling to dock diving!

fitdog breed no.4: Retriever

Drive: 7/10. Physical Ability: 7/10. Adaptability: 7/10

Credit @superdogmilo

In at no.4 is the retriever, especially the type from working stock. We rate them 7/10 for drive because although they can fetch all day you do not see many that can transfer that drive to other areas like hang time or weight pull. Also, they have incredible cardiovascular fitness and natural endurance and can even play their paw at agility and dock diving sports!


fitdog breed no.3: American bully

Drive: 8/10. Physical Ability: 7/10. Adaptability: 7/10

Credit @unleashedkennelz

The american bully is one of the most recently popular breeds and has not been around as long as the other breeds in todays short list. They are a versatile breed with many different ‘types’ which are almost ‘breeds within a breed’. The american bully in general has a solid amount of drive with phenomenal predisposition for muscle mass if bred for functionality. Not only that but they are versatile enough to perform both endurance and strength based activities.


fitdog breed no.2: belgian malinois

Drive: 10/10. Physical Ability: 8/10. Adaptability: 7/10

Credit @simbathemalinois

Possibly the most universal working dog on the planet the belgian malinois is commonly referred to as the ‘maligator’ and rightfully so. This multifunctional breed is as serious as they come with a drive thats through the roof which allows them to be employed by military special forces and police departments worldwide. While some lack strength we are seeing more being bred for a stronger frame that can withstand punishment in personal protection and showcase tremendous amount of power.


fitdog breed no.1: american pit bull terrier

Drive: 9/10. Physical Ability: 10/10. Adaptability: 8/10

Credit @teamnofearworkingapbt

Often referred to as the ‘Gladiator’ of dog breeds, the American pit bull terrier (APBT)  is without doubt the ultimate fit dog. Known for their drive, immense physique and ability to perform a variety of jobs ranging from therapy work to hunting,  the APBT wins the top spot as the No.1 Fitdog Breed!

Comment below and let us know of any other breed(s) you would add to this list!


Keep Them FIT,


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