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We recently shared the first key to adding bulk to your dog. If you missed the article read it now:

”The Ultimate Canine Bulking Recipe”

The next key to adding more bulk is Muscle Fibre Recruitment

What is muscle fibre recruitment?

Simply put it’s your dog’s ability to tear and remodel their muscle. But not just any muscle. You see your dog has 3 different types of muscle fibre. They are anatomically known as Type 1, Type 2A and Type 2B. When it comes to building muscle you want to focus on remodeling your dogs Type 2B.

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All dogs have muscle but why is it that only some breeds like pitbulls and american bullies have a more bulkier harder body look? Well, it’s because they have a higher percentage of Type 2B muscle than other breeds. This is due to their past history being selectivley breed for activities that require more 

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How to build Type 2B MUSCLE?

In order to stimulate your dogs type II muscle fibres you must focus on high intensity activities. These are activities that focus on fast, powerful and rapid movements. Such activities are short in duration and involve your dog giving as maximal effort as possible. This is because it forces your dogs body to use phosphocreatine energy pathways which stimulate testosterone (yes even bitches have it) which will increase they muscle growth.

Here is a list of High Intensity Activities that you very easily do with your dog.

[In order of most bulking to least bulking from top to bottom]

Although all dogs have the ability to add more muscle, some breeds can do it more naturally than others. To get maximal results grab our FITDOG Muscle Builder Packit involves a weighted collar, heavy duty weight pull harness and 12 Week Custom made program.

Comment below your thoughts! If you have any specific questions email support@fitdognation.com

Keep them fit!











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