This weeks FITDOG of the week is none other than Brazen K9’s Hattie! Heres an interview we did with her owner.

How long have you been into the dogs?

‘I grew up with hunting breeds such as labs and parson russell terriers. When I was 13 I got my first working breed, a German Shepherd/Malinois mix bitch. She got me into training dogs. I started training for other people and kennels when I was 15 and I’m currently 20. So I guess you could say I’ve been working dogs for about 5 years.

What’s an average day of exercise for Hattie?

” Hattie starts her day with about 20 minutes on the treadmill and some fetch. We take breaks throughout the day at work to go outside and do OB and play ball. Once we get home from work we do some variation of treadmill, uphill fetching, flirt pole, and practicing retrieves’‘.

What do you feed Hattie?

”When I feed her kibble she gets Life’s Abundance all life stages with grains and when I feed raw we do Prey Model Raw. She also gets fish oil supplements and the muscle builder and performance supplement by MVPK9.’.”

What events does Hattie take part in and does she have any titles?

‘At the time Hattie is not yet 2 so we don’t compete in any sports yet! Once she turns 2 at the end of August she will start training for weight pull, dock diving, and/or fast CAT. She will also begin using her XDog vest with weight and be doing more intense workouts. I hope to also use her as a bird dog next season. I plan on mainly keeping her as fit and healthy as possible and get titles in the events we hope to participate in.’

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