This weeks FITDOG of the week is none other than Patriot K9’s Minion! Heres an interview we did with owner Amanda Caldron!

How long have you been into the dogs?

‘I’ve been into dogs for 16 years. Professionally for 7

What’s an average day of exercise for Minion?

” Minion is mostly an active pet, before the paralysis happened he would drag weight 3 days a week, slatmill 2 days a week, 4 wheel 2 days a week and swim whenever we could. Now he maybe gets some brief slatmill time until it’s warm enough to swim again ‘‘.

What do you feed Minion?

”He is on Raw and 4 health”

What events does Minion take part in and does he have any titles?

‘Minion is involved in weight pull, dock diving, obedience, trick/pet demos, film work, nosework, IGP, PSA, hog hunting and lure coursing.
He has several trick dog titles, CGC, a dock diving Senior title, points towards weight pull titles, his BH, and a PSA PDC.

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