In our last blog post we showed you how to check your dogs ideal body weight. In this blog post we will help you check if your dog is getting enough exercise? This is critical as 59% of dogs are obese , here are some breed specific exercise guidelines to make sure your giving enough exercise!

Our guidelines are breed specific and this is essential because even if you have a spaniel that is not a worker and does not flush and retrieve, their physiology and energy systems will still be set to flush and retrieve game. If you do not provide the right amount of exercise for your dog it could result in a host of issues, including weight gain, behavioural problems and anxiety disorders.

For example, spaniels typically require 2+ hours of moderate intensity activity. Moderate intensity activity is defined by the dog working at 60% of their maximal capacity. Moderately intense activities include running/fast jog. In the case of fighting/combat breeds, they require on average 2 hours of high intensity activity. High intensity activities require 80%+ of a dogs maximal capacity. Examples of these kinds of activities are intermittent sprints, wall climb and weight pulling.

How much exercise does your dog need? Comment below! 


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3 thoughts on “Is your dog getting enough exercise?

  1. Natalie Sphar says:

    What would be an example of low intensity? Just walking? My dog is a Doberman so I imagine she fits into the Guardians group, but walking alone doesn’t do much for her. I am working on fine-timing her routine and am currently mixing and matching daily between treadmill, walks, tug, and flirt pole. Trying to find that sweet spot. Thanks!

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